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Data Science Magazine Cover - Issue 3
Some of this issue’s contributors include:
  • Crafting an Empowered Demand Forecast by Alec Sproten & Iris Hollick
  • With LLMS, Enterprise Data is Different by Colin Harman
  • Data Science Platforms for Patient-Centered Drug Discovery by Benjamin Glicksberg
  • Could Rust be The Future of AI? by Francesco Gadaleta
  • The Path to Responsible AI by Julia Stoyanovich
  • The Dawn of The Synthetic Data by Philipp M Diesinger
  • The AI Revolution vs the Mobile Revolution by Rex Woodbury
  • Plus many more...

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Welcome to our Media page. On here, you will find regular information and updates regarding the things that we think that you want to read and hear about in the world of Data Science & AI.

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What our readers say

Jeannie Fitzgerald

“I recently had a chance to see the latest issue of The Data Scientist Magazine – and it looks beautiful!”

Harald Erb

“I enjoyed reading Rebecca Vickery’s case study in The Data Scientist Magazine on the methodological and technical approach that she and her team at EDF (UK) had chosen”.

Alex Goffe
Keele University

“A great read from The Data Scientist, love that it’s in physical print (and digital). If you’ve not taken a look, it’s well worth exploring”. 

Jeannie Fitzgerald

“It has a lot of great content, including practical case studies, as well as up-to-date and relevant articles and interviews on a range of topics. Will be of interest to students and practitioner data scientists, data engineers, and ML engineers”.

Jacques Conradie
CGI Nederland

“The magazine provides a platform for an eclectic mix of leading Data Scientists and organizations to discuss sector-specific topics that are relevant for today and tomorrow”. 

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