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Software Developer .NET – F1 Motorsport South East England

2.62 seconds. The time it takes to service an entire F1 racing car at the pit stop.

2 weeks. How soon you could see the impact of your work translating into visible results for the team on the track.

The tools and applications you help develop in this role could make or break lap time for one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams.

A lap time that over 500 million people will see at the most-watched annual sporting series in the world.


What’s the role?

You’ll join a department united by a singular objective: to enhance the racing car’s performance by maximizing downforce, minimizing drag, and improving its overall speed. Everyone has a role to play – and an impact on the final result. Here, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Your focus: transforming and harmonizing the existing technological landscape. That could mean integrating legacy systems or developing innovative new tools and solutions.

Either way, by streamlining the software platform, you’ll be creating a more cohesive, centralised operating environment and driving efficiencies for the whole team. These systems are integral to everyone’s work, so even the smallest, most precise decisions can have a visible effect, in real-time, on race days.

You’ll be working under the guidance of the Software Development Team leader and collaborating with a highly skilled group, each with diverse ideas and perspectives to bring to the table. It’s a fantastically friendly and collaborative environment where you can really broaden your professional horizons.


Why join?

DEFINITE DEVELOPMENT: You’ll be joining a world-class organisation with the drive to keep developing. Part of a wave of new hires on the tech side of the business, it’s an ideal time to join and start growing your skills.

COLLABORATIVE CULTURE: This is a tight-knit team, where everyone’s collaborating towards a single clear goal – it makes for an energised and exhilarating environment.

IMMEDIATE IMPACT: Your solutions will be rapidly implemented and you’ll see the results – often in real-time, on the track. Here, you can make a marked difference in a thrilling, high stakes global industry.

INVESTMENT IN INNOVATION: The business is investing in what’s already a highly skilled team to fuel continuous performance improvements. The experience and insights you gain here will help you accelerate your career.

What you can add

Personally, you’ll call on a natural flair for problem solving, strong attention to detail and accomplished communication skills. Naturally, in such a high-octane environment, you’ll need to be happy hitting deadlines and working at pace.

Beyond that, we’re looking for as many as possible of the following on your CV:

  • A degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science or a related field
  • Familiarity with a technology stack that includes C# .Net Core, ASP.NET, Azure Cloud Services, Docker, SQL Server, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • A strong grasp of contemporary software development practices, such as source control, automated testing, agile methodologies, and microservices architecture.


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