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NOT ACTIVE – Research Data Management- Pharma – FAIR Data – Associate Director €120,000 – €138,000

The better the research data, the faster the pace of discovery.

It’s this strong data-first philosophy that enables this top-20 global pharma business to tackle some of the biggest challenges in medicine. In this newly created role, as the product owner for one of their core databases, you’ll have a personal impact on the pace of scientific progress, helping to create exceptional new treatments and changing the lives of millions of patients.


Key benefits include:

  • In this director-level role, you’ll own the company’s core database for research spanning small molecule research and biochemical (in vivo) data.
  • There’s scope to make a huge impact, whether that’s by leading optimisation projects or developing a clear strategic vision and roadmap for the database.
  • You’ll be a visible presence around the business, collaborating with senior stakeholders and building two-way relationships with scientists working in many different disciplines.
  • Ultimately, you’ll be giving the company’s drug discovery teams the data they need to create new medicines and improve patients’ lives – it’s a vital role.


What ‘s the role:

By turning the company’s core database into a ‘single source of truth’, you’ll

help some of the world’s best researchers and scientists to accelerate and diversity medical discovery. There’s no team management responsibility, so you’ll be free to focus on what you do best. Your remit includes:

  • Enhancing and improving the database and associated systems on a day-to-day basis.
  • Upholding strong data quality standards and implementing FAIR data principles across different units
  • Embedding yourself in the discovery and research process – by understanding the synthesis of small molecules (for example), you can make sure they’re correctly registered in the database.

A key challenge will be to develop a clear understanding of the way data flows around the business and then start to develop the strategic roadmap for this central data repository.

A lot will hinge on your ability to create a stakeholder community, cultivating a positive relationship with everyone from medicinal chemists, pharmacologists and CMS scientists to colleagues in High-Throughput screening (HTS), ADME profiling and Antibody Engineering.

Provided you’re on-site at least two days a week, the company are flexible about where you get your work done – that said, you’ll be interacting with teams who are in the lab every day, so the more visible you can be, the better.


What you can add:

It’s an ideal move for someone with a good blend of scientific expertise and business acumen who wants to focus on improving data and drug discovery. We’re looking for as many of the following as possible on your CV:

  • A Ph.D. in a scientific subject. We’re open-minded about your field of expertise – possibly medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, or bioinformatics.
  • A proven ability to think strategically about data management. You have a firm technical grasp of data management principles, e.g. FAIR, reusable data, data integration.
  • You can justify the importance of data standards and fixed vocabularies for reporting.
  • Versatile communication skills – you can translate chemistry into computational language as well as confidently talk to people in different scientific functions and senior stakeholders.
  • Success as a Product Owner, Project Manager or Project Lead – you’re comfortable influencing stakeholders, cultivating relationships and driving projects forward.


About the business:

You’ll be part of a global top-20 pharma business with a research-driven focus on innovative therapies that can extend patients’ lives; there’s always something new in the pipeline here. The company is family-owned so teams can focus on long-term goals, not short-term shareholder returns. All in all, it’s a fantastic place to develop your career.


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