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NOT ACTIVE – Senior Data Scientist – F1 Motorsport – Oxfordshire

Senior Data Scientist / Data Scientist – F1 Motorsport

Location: Oxfordshire (four days in the office, one day working from home).

Package: £50-70k for mid-level Data Scientist, £70-90k for Senior Data Scientist + Championship bonus scheme, bike-to-work scheme (worth up to £3k), healthcare & life assurance options, and pension contribution (5% matched).


2.62 seconds. The time it takes to service an entire F1 racing car at the pit stop.

2 weeks. The time you have as a Data Scientist to optimise that racing car’s performance.

Your data could make or break lap time for one of the world’s leading F1 teams.

A lap time that over 500 million people will see at the most-watched annual sporting series in the world.

As a Data Scientist, you’ll provide data services to the rest of the company to continuously improve their F1 racing car design and performance.

You’ll work in an incredibly high-profile, competitive environment where you collaborate closely with your teammates in friendly and innovative surroundings. Ideas are turned around in mere minutes or hours, from proposal – to concept – to result.

And in this ever-changing landscape, you’ll do whatever it takes to find the solution and hit the deadline.

Because ultimately, you’re all working towards the same goal: to improve the F1 racing car’s performance.


To drive you to hit those deadlines, you’ll benefit from:

Variety of work – every day is different, with projects determined by the needs of upcoming tests and races, and turnaround is rapid.

High impact – you’ll have the unique opportunity to quickly see the impact of your work in as little as two weeks.

A collaborative culture – join a fast-paced, harmonised and rewarding culture where everyone has one clear goal, and the passion for what they do is infectious.

Ownership and equipment – you’ll have control of your data, from transfer to access, plus the software and hardware you need to enable you to turn ideas into production.

Rare opportunity – to work in one of the world’s most prestigious and high-profile industries, where succeeding in your role could seriously boost your career.

Can you handle the speed?

What’s the Role:

You’ll join a tight community of 120 colleagues, where your team has one collective goal: to maximise downforce, minimise drag and improve the racing car’s performance.

Reporting to the Head of Aerodynamic Technology, you’ll have access to data from state-of-the-art aerodynamic testing environments, across wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics and track – with all the software and hardware you need to do the job.

Your role will primarily involve:

  • Developing systems for automated data capture and analysis.
  • Mathematical optimisation of trajectories and data capture strategies to optimise the operating point with the Quality/Time/Coverage triangle.
  • Developing existing methodologies for processing force/moment, pressure and flow field data sources.
  • Refining measurement technologies.
  • Specifying and implementing algorithms (machine learning & deep learning techniques) to analyse captured data and provide performance information to aerodynamicists.
  • Mining historical data to provide new insights to assist in defining development strategies for tools and aero surfaces.
  • Develop interoperable APIs for data exchange.
  • Develop, refine and apply data analysis techniques across the domains to provide aerodynamicists with actionable information.
  • Building the next generation tools across the department to improve integration and standardisation.
  • Enabling 65 internal end-users to have more self-help with their expert tools.


What you’ll add:

You won’t be afraid to try new things or ask for help when you don’t know the answer – leading with a flexible and experimental approach is key to success in this role.

You’ll be naturally inquisitive and keen to try out different ideas for testing, problem-solving and using data across various domains.

And you’ll add the following skills and experience:

  • At least two years of industry experience for the mid-level Data Scientist role or five years of experience for the Senior Data Scientist role.
  • Proactive development of detailed specifications based on business requirements.
  • Experience with Python and related data science machine-learning libraries (currently working with Matlab, but moving away from using this platform).
  • Excellent communication skills at both conceptual and technical levels.
  • Natural problem-solving abilities.
  • A high degree of attention to detail.
  • A thorough grounding in modern software development practices (source control, change management, automated testing, release procedures).
  • Beneficial to have experience working with Microsoft Azure services or related cloud-based platforms.


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