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In contingency recruitment, placements aren’t predictable. You can’t trust the model and it only works by playing the numbers.

And, your boss’ reaction to a lack of trust often manifests itself in micro-management.

You’ve seen it before; you come in early and work late, even if it is an “unwritten rule” that wasn’t mentioned at the interview. You’re hammering out arbitrary BD calls, even though you know your time would be better spent talking with potential candidates. Then there’s KPIs that don’t take everything into account, which you have to explain at each monthly meeting.

All of them symptoms of a lack of trust in your ability and your motivation.

But it’s recruitment, and it’s what you want to do. And the money, while unpredictable, isn’t terrible.

Still, could it be better? Of course it could.

Data Science Talent will trust you.

They only work exclusive or retained – so the only real competition is going to be yourself and your billings will become predictable, so that takes away any need to be micromanaged.

Plus, the Data Science sector is booming. Clients are crying out for recruiters to fill their jobs properly.

In time, you’ll get to learn who we recruit for and how, but we’ll try to speed up the process by giving you an annual training budget of £3,000 to spend on what you want.

Plus, there are no KPIs, just reporting on what actually happened.

Your primary functions will be to assess and qualify candidates by both understanding their profiles and engaging with them over email, the phone and video. You’ll also brief copywriters to produce content that’s most likely to attract them.

You’ll also manage all aspects of the hiring managers interactions with the recruitment process. That means attending client meetings, taking a job brief and asking intelligent questions. You’ll also need to keep them updated throughout. This part gets easier the more people you place with each hiring manager.

You’ll be the first and only recruiter contacting them about your job vacancy, not the 5th.
All we ask is that you have experience of placing white-collar professionals earning above £50K and have advanced Boolean skills.

Beyond the job itself, you’ll be looked after and there will be some flexible working. They’re based in a lovely provincial market town called Stone and so, assuming you have a car, you could live as far north as Manchester, as far South as Birmingham and as far east as Nottingham and Leicester.

If you’re an experienced perm recruiter and want to be trusted, developed and fill almost every vacancy you work on, let’s have a chat – please click the enquire today button.

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