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Recruitment Consultant – £40,000/yr – £55,000/yr Base Salary + Commission + Bonus + Training Budget

Why are you still in your current role?

And what made you take it in the first place?

If we asked you to sell the job to your successor (well, you are thinking of leaving, right, or you wouldn’t be reading this?) what would you say?

As a thought exercise, jot down a few points. 

How many have you got?

We asked our consultants to do the same. 

From what they told us, we’ve come up with seven serious propositions for smart recruitment consultants to join us.

Can you match that? 

And if not, when are you going to get in touch?


1. Data Science is a high-growth sector

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the Data Science sector will grow about by 28% through to 2026. That represents around 11.5 million jobs worldwide.

Data Scientists are in high demand. Frequently, our clients don’t just need a Data Scientist; they need four or five of them. According to Glassdoor, Data Science jobs are open for an average of 5 days longer than other jobs. That’s because there is less competition which results in the recruiters needing extra time and resources to find the right candidates.

You’d be working with companies that will give you everything you need to fill their jobs. 


2. You’ll be working with smart people

Data Scientists are smart people, usually with advanced degrees in computer science, applied maths, statistics or economics. They help organisations tap into a treasure trove of insight by extracting business value from big data. 

The Harvard Business Review said that being a Data Scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. It’s complex, commercially important work that helps all sorts of businesses make better decisions, sharpen their existing products, and develop innovative new ones. 

One week you could be working with a global healthcare business or a tech giant. Next, you’re talking to a government department or a startup in a fascinating field you never knew existed.


3.  It pays really well

By now, you’ll have figured out that when you’re hiring people with the brainpower to unlock huge commercial potential, that their skills are going to be in demand. 

That means, more often than not, you’re working on well-paid, senior roles. And, of course, the higher the salary, the bigger your fee, and the better your bonus. Plus, you’ll get a higher base salary than you’re on now, 10% commission and an annual bonus. 

In their 1st year, our two most recent hires earnt almost twice as much as they did in their final year at their previous employers. Like the sector, their earnings will continue to grow.


4. No races to the bottom

Everything you work on will be exclusive. No cutting corners because you’re competing with other agencies. Your clients get the type of service they deserve and need.

Yes, it’s more challenging. Your clients are relying on you, and you alone to fill their roles. That’s what pressure looks like.

But it’s also more fulfilling. You get to know your market inside out. You cultivate strong relationships with clients and candidates. You’ll be respected.  And, of course, you’re guaranteed the fee


5. No cold calling. No BD. Some candidate sourcing

If you enjoy working at 100mph, cold calling and flipping from one lead to the next, this isn’t for you. 

Our Sales & Marketing team take care of generating new business. 

We also have a dedicated, well-trained sourcing team who’ll supply you with a pipeline of candidates for each of your assignments – the accuracy of which you’ll need to manage. You may sometimes have to do some sourcing yourself for those urgent contract roles your clients may sometimes need to fill.

It means that you can focus on delivery: talking to clients and candidates – the part of the job where you can add the most value.


6. You’ll have more freedom

We let our consultants get on with their jobs. 

We don’t have “motivational” KPIs or sales charts on the boardroom wall. We don’t hand out Pound Shop trophies for “smashing your targets”. You won’t be babysat or micro-managed.

You’ll be treated like a grown-up and trusted to manage your work the way you see fit. One of our consultants recently decided to work ‘dual desk’ as he prefers balancing permanent and contract work. Another said that he enjoys the freedom to push back and challenge clients – that you’re not just an “order taker”.


7. Three grand a year to spend on whatever you want

Every recruitment ad promises you the chance to develop, but rarely tell you how.

It all stems from the CEO who sees training as an investment, not a cost, which is probably unsurprising given that you don’t build a successful business like this from the ground up without needing to progress and explore better ways of working.

The £3,000 a year you get to spend on your personal and professional development probably smashes the per capita training budget for every recruitment agency in the country. 

You can spend it on whatever interests you. Developing your interviewing or search techniques. Sharpening your copywriting or email marketing skills. Maybe management training or even meditation. Your development time is ringfenced, so you won’t ever be standing still here.


What you’ll need

All we ask is that you have experience of placing white-collar professionals earning above £50K. If you’ve read this far, chances are you take your career seriously.

You’ll need to be able to get into the office in Stone, which is a lovely provincial market town in Staffordshire. Not every day, not ‘8 till late’ – but enough of the time to feel like a part of the team. If it helps, our offices are nice – described by one of our consultants as a “home from home”.

Assuming you have a car, you could live as far north as Manchester, as far south as Birmingham and as far east as Nottingham or Leicester.


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