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  3. If we both agree that we can help then we will arrange the 60-90 minute strategy session. This is not a glorified sales pitch and comes with zero strings attached. It will be 60-90 minutes of the best recruiting intelligence we can give you.
More information about the strategy call

We’ve developed a “Data Scientist Hiring Strategy Session” which lasts 1 hour. This is delivered by our CEO, Damien Deighan via web conference with you and any key people in your team involved in the hiring process.

Each session is unique depending on what your specific needs are. Some things we normally work on during a typical strategy session include:

  1. Clarify your hiring strategy - You’ll learn what you need to do to attract the best Chief Data Scientists.
  2. Job advert audit - The specific things you need to change in your current job advert to immediately improve your response rates.
  3. Create a draft of your Job Value Proposition (JVP) - We have a discovery process that will uncover the hidden selling points of your job. It will show you how to position your job so that will stand out from your competitors job ads. This will give you the ability to market your vacancy in a way that is both compelling and candidate centric. This approach has proven itself in getting attention from the right people and is very effective at attracting candidates who would normally be out of reach.

This will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best recruiting intelligence we can give you in 60 minutes.

We do it for two reasons.

A high percentage of the people we do this for end-up asking us to recruit for them. But you’re not obliged to become a client after the session.

The worst that can happen is that we’ve demonstrated some of our expertise which may help you remember us in the future.

There is no charge for this session. Places are limited and due to the amount of work involved, we can only do 4 of these sessions per month.

This strategy session will typically take place within 1-2 weeks of you getting in contact.

"Data Science Talent helped us to find the right candidates for the job, with a great understanding of the finer requirements. We have now filled this position and are seeing the benefits of a quality hiring process."

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