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Digital Twins: The First Fruit of the Metaverse, Powered by Generative AI By Aakash Shirodkar

Aakash Shirodkar is Senior Director of AI & Analytics at Cognizant. Aakash has over 20 years of experience helping businesses achieve global success through the application of AI. Aakash’s previous roles include Data Science Portfolio Leader at IBM and Senior Manager at Idea Cellular.
In this post, Aakash discusses the ways in which the metaverse is set to transform business. Digital twins are integral to this transformation, allowing businesses to flourish in the virtual space.
Aakash demystifies the concept of the digital twin, and explains how you can harness its power to revolutionise your business in the metaverse:

From Invisible Struggles to Empowering Discoveries:
When you hear the word ‘Metaverse’, what images pop into your head?
Likely a 3D world, an immersive video game, or virtual reality. But the Metaverse isn’t confined to science fiction or gaming anymore; it’s steadily infiltrating the business world through ‘digital twins.’ These progenies of the Metaverse are revolutionising enterprises by optimising design, processes, systems, and assets. They’re enabling businesses to lessen environmental impact, enhance customer experiences, and streamline operational costs.
Allow me to demystify the concept of digital twins and explain how you can get started with a digital twin for your enterprise.
Hello, and welcome to this fascinating tale of the enterprise metaverse.

Demystifying Digital Twins: Beyond the Confines of Static Flat Data and 2D CAD Drawings
The term ‘digital twins’ originated at NASA in 2010 as an effort to improve the simulation of physical models of spacecraft. John Vickers, who worked at NASA at the time, coined the term. Digital twins are a far cry from their early days and have evolved beyond static, 2D replicas.

Today, they’re dynamic 3D digital clones that can learn, adapt, and predict. They mimic their physical counterparts so accurately that they are, in essence, creating a bridge between our world and the digital realm of the Metaverse.
A common misconception is that a digital twin is nothing more than a glorified CAD 3D model, a simple simulation model, a common data environment, or an eye-catching telemetry visualisation. The reality of digital twins, on the other hand, is far more complex and infinitely more exciting.

In essence, a digital twin is a symphony of data, models, and real-time information. It’s a digital entity that breathes and evolves, fed by numerous data sources and dynamically processing live data. It’s not a mere snapshot frozen in time but a living, evolving replica of its physical counterpart.

To learn more about digital twins and their applications, head over to our magazine and read the article in full:

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