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We explore how their latest research in Data Science & AI could scale into broader industry applications, so you can expand your knowledge and grow your career effectively in the real world.

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Maurizio Porfiri

Using Time Series Analysis to Uncover Why Gun Sales Increase After Mass Shootings

In this episode we are joined by Professor Maurizio Porfiri from NYU, to talk about his latest academic research which is using data science to uncover why sales of guns in the USA increase after a m...

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Perry Marshall

Why Evolutionary Biology Has Big Implications For Future AI Development

In this episode we are joined by Perry Marshall to talk about his latest scientific paper entitled “Biology Transcends the Limits of Computation”.  We also discuss his $10 million Evolution ...

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Arnon Houri Yafin

How AI Is Driving The Eradication Of Malaria

In this episode we are joined by Arnon Houri Yafin, an Israeli entrepreneur who is the founder of a company called Zzapp Malaria, which recently won the AI XPRIZE sponsored by IBM Watson. Their work ...

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