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We explore how their latest research in Data Science & AI could scale into broader industry applications, so you can expand your knowledge and grow your career effectively in the real world.

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Kirk Marple

Kirk Marple

Enhancing GenAI with Knowledge Graphs: A Deep Dive with Kirk Marple

<p> In this episode we talk to Kirk Marple about the power of Knowledge Graphs when combined with GenAI models.  Kirk explained the growing relevance of knowledge graphs in the AI era, the practi...

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Bartmoss St Clair

Using Open Source LLMs in Language for Grammatical Error Correction (GEC)

<p> At LanguageTool, Bartmoss St Clair (Head of AI) is pioneering the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for grammatical error correction (GEC), moving away from the tool’s initial non-AI appro...

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Julia Stoyanovich, NYU

The Path to Responsible AI with Julia Stoyanovich of NYU

<p> In this enlightening episode, Dr. Julia Stoyanovich delves into the world of responsible AI, exploring the ethical, societal, and technological implications of AI systems. She underscores the impo...

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