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Preventing Data Analyst Mis-hires with Data Science Talent’s Custom Tech Test

A Digital Marketing agency needed to find a new Data Analyst to take their new tech to the next level.




Digital Marketing

Company Size

Small (agency)

Hiring Manager


Positions for Hire

Data Analyst (permanent)

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At a Glance



The CEO needed a Data Analyst to progress their new data-driven technology platform. The previous Data Analyst had left after six months and they were struggling to find a new replacement.



DST changed their approach by implementing a bespoke tech test for the hiring process.



Through the tech test, DST found a successful candidate to take the company’s advertising tech reporting platform to the next level.


A Digital Marketing agency had just developed and launched a new data-driven technology marketing platform. To take it to the next level, the company CEO needed a Data Analyst to help drive the venture forward. Their previous recruit had left the business after just six months.

Sourcing a new mid or senior-level Data Analyst with solid technical skills in SQL and BigQuery was going to be a challenge, and they needed to have a robust reporting & analytics background.

The right individual had to be comfortable with the entire life cycle, including data cleansing/analysis, stakeholder management and taking projects from start to finish. In-line with the sector, the candidate also needed digital marketing and advertising experience.


The CEO met with us to identify where their initial hiring process had gone wrong. The findings indicated that the interview was too brief and lacked technical testing.

To solve the problem, we proposed a different strategy for the hiring process, involving a tighter technical assessment for the first stage followed by an improved interview session.

We worked with the company’s database provider to design an SQL and BigQuery test to filter out the bottom 80% of candidates in the funnel. This technical test acted as the preliminary stage for the interview process, identifying who had the right data analysis skills.

As our test was conducted before the CEO interviewed the candidates, he then only needed to spend time speaking with individuals who were actually qualified for the job.


  • Our bespoke test filtered out five candidates that looked good on paper by saving significant time. Instead of sending four-five candidates, we only needed to send two qualified candidates for interview.
  • Our process meant the CEO spent half the time speaking to potential candidates. He then went on to hire one of these candidates.
  • In just four weeks, we filled the job and reduced the time burden on the CEO and his team, enabling them to drive their new technology forward.


  • The candidate is still in role two and a half years on.
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