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Powering a New Data Science team to Help the Discovery of Clean Energy Technologies – Ceres

A leading clean technology developer is helping the world’s economy to decarbonise at scale and pace. They wanted to add to their team of Data Scientists to help progress the technologies.


UK and worldwide


Clean energy

Company Size


Hiring Manager

Nick Swift, Head of Data Management

Positions for Hire

Data Engineer (permanent)

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“I’m sure the candidate will be a great addition to the team.

Also wanted to echo Paul’s (Senior Talent Acquisition) thanks for the search. Really good comms,
detailed search information and a solid set of candidates to choose from”.

Nick Swift, Head of Data Management

At a Glance



Finding a candidate who had very specific skills and experience to help the company centralise Data Engineering.



DST used their proprietary DST Profiler® system to assess potential candidates and identify their strengths and skills.



Based on the precise results of the DST Profiler® assessment process, DST found the successful candidate within six weeks.


Ceres Power is a leading developer of clean energy technology, enabling the world’s most progressive companies to decarbonise at scale. Unlike other electrochemical technology companies – which use rare earth materials and exotic metals – their specific stack is constructed with 95% automotive grade steel, and by weight, is the most recycled material on earth.

To help drive their new technologies, Ceres had recently put together a new team to centralise Data Engineering across the company and become more efficient.

The new Data Engineer would be responsible for building robust, secure data pipelines and data models to create trusted datasets for internal data consumers.

The Hiring Manager was trying to find a candidate with three years of data engineering experience and two years of Databrick’s experience within an Azure Cloud environment. The team was also growing and needed a mentor figure to help them progress and learn new skills.

When recruiting internally, the Hiring Manager had struggled to find candidates who were strong enough to meet the specific needs of the role.

So far, these candidates had been a total mismatch as they were Data Analysts looking to get into engineering.

This lack of specialist skills amongst applicants was making it hard to find the right person for the job.


To find a solution to these challenges, DST had an in-depth consultation to assess the client’s ideal candidate profile needs and the tech stack, which was particularly critical.

By carrying out detailed Boolean searches alongside a targeted marketing campaign, DST strategically identified and attracted candidates with the specific skillsets who also had the level of experience that the client was looking for.

A critical part of the shortlisting process involved a technical test – which was a key requirement for the Hiring Manager. This technical test was the proprietary DST Profiler®, which creates clarity for the hiring company and candidate by defining the eight profiles found in a Data Science team and then provides them with a detailed report.

Four specialist candidates were then submitted to the Hiring Manager with three going on to interview.


  • By leveraging the results from the DST Profiler®, DST identified candidates with the necessary skillsets and strengths.
  • DST placed a successful Data Engineer within six weeks.
  • Having a new Data Engineer enabled the Hiring Manager to fill their critical skills gap and drive forward their centralisation plans.
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