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Hiring New Talent to Drive Innovation for an Emotional AI Company with Data Science Talent

A pioneering Emotional AI Company needed a Senior Computer Vision Product Manager to improve product capability and define the company’s roadmap.





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Chief Technology Officer/Co-founder

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Senior Computer Vision Product Manager

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Finding a replacement Senior Computer Vision Product Manager to improve product capability and define a roadmap for the company’s R&D function.



DST identified that a candidate with hybrid skills (who was ‘hands on’ and ‘hands off’) would be best for the role.



DST found the right person for the role who had the right hybrid approach.


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) needed to hire a replacement Senior Computer Vision Product Manager to help improve and upgrade the capability of a range of products that read emotions through people’s facial expressions.

The role’s responsibility included defining a roadmap for the R&D function to fit with the objectives and future vision of the overall business.

Normally, a Product Manager role would be ‘hands-off’, focusing on instructing and coordinating product development and engineering teams. Although this Product Manager’s duties mainly involved demonstrating product features to external clients while managing projects, they also needed a ‘hands-on’ approach to the product’s research, coding and development.

The CTO’s previous recruitment contact had failed to deliver results, so we were approached to find a solution.


Based on the role’s unique ‘hands on’ and ‘hands off’ approach, DST needed to find a truly hybrid candidate by turning the search process upside down.

They looked for engineers and developers with software engineering backgrounds who’d moved into product manager roles. These candidates also needed:

  • Knowledge of deep learning frameworks – TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Jax, or MxNet
  • Programming skills with Python or C++
  • Experience leading a team in an agile environment.

By applying a clearly-defined search process, DST filtered the talent pool to find specific hybrid candidates.


  • One of the hybrid candidates successfully got the role
    and the Chief Technology Officer reported a positive experience of working with DST.
  • Inline with the company’s growth plans, DST now has an exclusive arrangement to fill upcoming data science positions.
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