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From Data Manager to Data Engineer in Biotech: Optimising Hiring with Data Science Talent

A Biotech company thought they needed a Data Manager to translate scientific data into treatments.





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Head of Data Science & Digitalisation

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Data Manager

“Before engaging with DST, we had been unsuccessfully searching for a Data Engineer.
Once we had engaged with DST, we found that they managed the recruitment process very efficiently.”

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The Hiring Manager was searching the talent pool with the wrong job, meaning they were getting the wrong candidates.



DST used their Data Science expertise to advise the Hiring Manager on what the right job should look like.



DST successfully found an individual with biotech experience who was the perfect fit for the role.

“DST gave a quick turnaround on submitting highly qualified and relevant candidates.
We were kept updated regularly with weekly calls on their progress and findings”.


The Head of Data Science and Digitalisation (HDSD) at a clinical-stage biotechnology company had spent a year searching for what they thought they needed, a Data Manager.

The role profile involved leveraging data, digitising laboratories and creating a fully-integrated digital research and development engine to translate science into new treatments.

But the work also involved building a new data infrastructure, constructing pipelines and consolidating data – tasks usually associated with a different role.


After reviewing the role profile, DST identified that a Data Engineer (not a Data Manager) would be a better job fit. By discussing this proposal with the Hiring Manager, DST helped to re-evaluate the person specification for the role.

To test the role repositioning, DST sent a selection of profiles for both Data Managers and Data Engineers. Acknowledging the differences, the Hiring Manager agreed to re-align the job role and restart the search for a Data Engineer.


  • Based on the new job focus and specification, DST successfully filled the role with a candidate who had the necessary skillset.
  • This meant the Hiring Manager could fully leverage their data and build new infrastructures.
  • Update: the candidate is still in post, having developed and built pipelines and a data lake to fulfil the HDSD’s business needs.
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“I am loving the work culture. I would like to express my gratitude to the Data Science Talent
team who helped me through the recruitment process and went far and beyond what I consider
the day to day responsibilities would be, by offering to review my presentation and giving useful
comments on the same”.

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