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Finding the Perfect Fit: How Our Data Science Expertise Helped Digitise a Market Research Company

A leading Market Research Healthcare company wanted to digitise their services, but needed specific skillsets to get them to the next level. Here’s how we helped them identify the right people.




Market Research (Healthcare)

Company Size


Hiring Manager

Dawn Palace (Senior Vice President) Clare Kennedy (Associate Statistics Director)

Positions for Hire

Lead Data Scientist Manager (US), Statistician Data Science (UK)

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At a Glance



The company was looking to digitise their services, but were struggling to find the right people with the right skills to help them move forward.



DST advised on exactly the types of roles needed to to help the company move forward and targeted their job marketing to find the right candidates.



The company secured candidates for both roles, thanks to DST’s specialist advice and recruitment capabilities, which meant the company could push.

“Thank you so much for connecting us with the candidate. He’s amazing.
I hope he stays with us until he retires… I can’t thank you enough for finding him for us.”

Dawn Palace, Senior Vice President

“You managed to find better/more suitable candidates than any previous recruiters
so we’ll certainly always use you moving forward!”

Clare Kennedy, Associate Statistics Director


A leading healthcare market research company was looking to digitise their services and develop apps to keep up with the competition and customer needs. Previously, the company had been doing their own recruitment but had failed to secure any successful candidates.

They were looking for two team members to join their Data Science team. Each new member would need to have a strong visualisation mindset and the ability to develop apps.

The hiring managers were unclear about exactly what the job roles should be, so DST advised and provided clarity on the strengths, skills and role specification the team needed to push their digitisation forward. This meant that the Hiring Managers could understand the differences in the Data Science field and identify what their main focus should be. Because of DST’s deep understanding of the discipline, they were best-placed to support.


Having done an in-depth analysis of what the roles should look like, DST created specific marketing messaging to engage with the types of candidates that would resonate with the roles.

By strategically targeting the talent pool, this resulted in 350 profiles in the US for the Lead Data Scientist Manager role, and over 350 profiles for the UK-based Statistician Data Scientist role.

In qualifying shortlisted candidates, DST helped to reduce the hiring process time by only submitting the best individuals for interview.


  • From a selection of strong candidate interviews, the company found the right person for the US role. This individual has since been promoted, and is actually mentoring the Senior Vice President after shadowing her so he could prepare for management level.
  • The UK role had more challenges in finding the right level of experience, but DST found the right candidate. They’d previously worked on a FTC basis (following Covid), but were happy to join Adelphi on a permanent basis.
  • DST helped to identify what Data Science skills and strengths the team needed – enabling the company to drive their digital transformation forward and becomemore competitive.
Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 12.17.36

“Really pleased we managed to find someone, I’ve got high hopes for the candidate so
thank you very much for finding her!”

Clare Kennedy, Associate Statistics Director

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