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Developing a Data Science Operating Model in Pharma with Data Science Talent

A leading pharmaceutical company needed an expert to guide how they would deliver solutions in the later part of the pharma supply chain.





Company Size

Large corporate business

Hiring Manager

Global Head of Data

Positions for Hire

Senior Data Science Strategy Consultant (Contractor)

At a Glance



Finding a candidate who could transform the company’s current operating model for data science.



DST mapped the entire region’s candidate pool to pinpoint candidates with the exact skillset and experience needed to deliver the project.



DST secured the right candidate for the position, who has since had their contract extended.


At one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the Global Head of Data (GHD) wanted a late-value chain operating model to assess how Data Science and Analytics teams were delivering on core business objectives.

The existing teams were spread out across the globe and all operated differently.

They needed one unified, company-wide model for data science to guide how they would deliver solutions in the later part of the pharma supply chain.

The Hiring Manager needed to find the right person who could transform the data science operating model.


DST identified that the GHD needed an individual with a strong background in pharma who could collaborate with international business units such as IT, Sales and Marketing, Customer Value, Data Governance and the central Data Science team.

To make this happen, DST mapped the entire candidate pool in Europe to pinpoint specific candidates with the required skillsets and strengths.

It was critical that potential candidates also had experience of successfully implementing operating models.


  • DST identified the ideal candidate who, alongside a life science PhD and 15 years experience in pharma, had previously created an operating model at a competitor company.
  • They were successfully placed in the contractor role for 12 months and helped to set up and integrate the new operating model.
  • Once this first phase was complete, the contract was extended for a further 12 months.
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