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Creating a Specialist Data Science Team for a Specialist Computer Vision and Emotion AI company

A pioneering AI company needed to fill a number of key roles across their IT/Data department which were essential for the future growth of the business.


Europe (UK)


Computer Vision and Emotion AI

Company Size

Medium tech business

Hiring Manager

Adam Bernat, HR Manager

Positions for Hire

Senior Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Senior MLOps Engineer, Computer Vision Team Leader, Head of Computer Vision, Senior Cloud Engineer (Contractor)

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“You stood out from other recruitment agencies due to your deep
understanding of the IT/Data industry and your ability to identify highly
skilled professionals who were a good fit for our organisation.

We would highly recommend Data Science Talent to other businesses
looking for a recruitment partner that is dedicated, knowledgeable and
highly effective. Your personalised approach, industry expertise and
commitment to excellence make you an exceptional partner for any
organisation looking to attract top talent.”


At a Glance



Finding a number of specialists with specific skills to help RealEyes update their new technologies and keep their innovation going.



DST identified the skills the candidates needed and the types of roles that would progress the team.



DST secured six successful candidates who have brought fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. their digital transformation forward.

“The hires we made through our partnership with Data Science Talent
have had a significant impact on our business.”



A leader in computer vision and emotion AI, RealEyes measures human response to advertising so brands
can create better customer experiences that drive growth. With leading marketers and publishers relying
on Realeyes to measure consumer attention and emotion at the speed and scale of AI, they needed the best
individuals to take their technology to the next level and deliver the project goals.

Before partnering with Data Science Talent, RealEyes were facing challenges in finding and attracting top
talent with the specific skill sets and within reasonable time that they needed for their IT/Data department.
The competition for skilled professionals was high and it was difficult to identify candidates who could meet
their requirements.


By connecting with RealEyes to have a deep-dive into who they needed, DST were able to pinpoint the exact
skill-sets and precise roles they were looking to build their team.

From advising on the roles they needed, DST then mapped out the entire talent pool to identify the right
people for the role – ensuring that the exact skillsets matched what the Hiring Manager needed.

“You took the time to understand our specific needs and requirements
and presented us with a pool of highly qualified candidates who were
well-suited for our company culture and values.

We appreciated the personalised and professional approach that you
brought to our partnership. You were responsive, communicative and
highly efficient in your recruitment efforts. Additionally, you continuously
provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the hiring process, ensuring
that we made the best decisions for our organisation.”



  • DST filled critical roles in their IT/Data department
    with highly skilled professionals who have brought
    fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.
  • This has led to an ongoing relationship with RealEyes.
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“We would rate Data Science Talent’s services as a ten out of ten. You
exceeded our expectations in every way and we were impressed by your
level of dedication, expertise, and professionalism.

We are grateful for the partnership we have and the value you have
brought to our organisation. Your recruitment efforts have been
instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and we look forward to
continuing to work with you in the future.”


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