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Building a High-Performing Data Science Team for an East Coast Pharma Firm

A leading pharmaceutical company needed to increase their Data Science team, but were having a negative experience with their existing recruitment agencies.





Company Size


Hiring Manager

Director of Data Science

Positions for Hire

2 x Senior Data Scientists, UX Designer, Front End Developer and Back End

At a Glance



The company wanted to hire four team members but had yet to see any successful candidates from multiple recruitment agencies.



DST used their Data Science expertise to advise on the specific skillsets, tech stacks and candidate profiles the company should be looking for.



DST successfully secured candidates for every single vacancy in the team.


An East Coast-based pharma company approached our US entity, Data Science Talent LLC, to help recruit multiple contractors. The company’s current suppliers were struggling to fill these positions.

The Director of Data Science (DCDS) worked on human pharma and animal healthcare business use cases. He needed to increase the size of his team to deliver more projects.

The DCDS had been working with multiple recruitment agencies via an MSP in the USA but hadn’t seen any successful candidates, despite receiving a high volume of CVs and conducting many interviews.

Historically, the company’s CV-to-hire ratio was low. The DCDS would create one successful hire from every 15-20 CV submissions.


From the initial briefing with the Hiring Manager, it was clear that none of the MSPs were Data Science specialists. These generalist recruitment agencies lacked a good understanding of what the client needed, so were submitting irrelevant CVs.

DST ran a detailed briefing session with the DCDS to create a clear brief. Using their Data Science specialism, they understood the scope of the client’s requirements and the individual roles that needed filling.

Finally, DST focused on the quality of the outreach proposition and marketing strategy to help engage the right candidates.


  • DST successfully placed five contractors within the company’s US division through their strategic outreach process.
  • These roles included a UX Designer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer and two Senior Data Scientists.
  • The Director of Data Science was highly satisfied with the placements. He even received positive feedback from other departments commenting on how he’d managed to source such high-quality contractors.
  • As a result, the US division asked DST to help fill their permanent hire recruitment gaps as part of the ongoing relationship with the company.
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