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Boosting F1 Racing Technologies with a Data Scientist

An international F1 racing team were looking to advance their technologies with a Data Scientist who had deep industry experience.




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The Hiring Manager was having difficulty finding a Senior Data Scientist with niche skills and industry experience.



DST consulted with the Hiring Manager to deeply understand the role’s requirements, mapped the local market, and assess over 200 potential candidates.



DST placed the right candidate with niche skills and industry experience who could apply academic knowledge to real-world projects.

“We’ve worked with a number of different suppliers and you stood out from the
crowd – this is the first time we’ve worked with a true, specialist agency and this
has massively paid off. Any other requirements, I’ll be coming straight to you.”.



A leading F1 motorsport company were looking to expand and hire an additional Senior Data Scientist into their team. The job of the Senior Data Scientist would be to provide data services to the rest of the company to continuously improve the team’s racing car design and performance. They would need to use numerical analysis and data structures to analyse and solve problems, aiming to inform aerodynamicists to help them continuously improve and shape the F1 racing cars. The team’s objectives included:

  • Improving aerodynamic data collection and processing techniques.
  • Improve aero data correlation between tunnel, CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and track.
  • Help the aerodynamics team to develop car surfaces.

So far, the search for the role was proving to be quite difficult. They’d already worked the job for six months with other suppliers and were failing to find successfully candidates with the right niche skillset.

Finding a candidate who was willing to travel to the office location was also an issue. The right person would need to be on-site four days a week, which was virtually unheard of in the current appetite for hybrid working environments.

The Hiring Manager had not only been struggling to find the niche skillset, but everyone they’d previously interviewed lacked in-depth industry data science experience. While candidates had a good academic background; when it came to applying this to the real-world, there was a clear disconnect. Specifically, they found it difficult to apply their academic learnings to projects that the team were working on. Every candidate lacked the in-depth industry data science experience that the hiring manager was looking for.


The Hiring Manager had worked with other suppliers, but were becoming increasingly frustrated as none of the candidates they had seen so far aligned with their target profile and skillset.

The DST team took the time to speak with the Hiring Manager and the rest of the team to gain a deep understanding of the role’s technical needs, programming languages, approaches, and skillset. With this knowledge, they were able to create a detailed profile of the ideal candidate.

Due to the role’s semi-rural location and on-site requirements, DST mapped out the entire local market to cover over 200 people from the local area. They even assessed potential candidates from the company’s competitor automotive teams to get a full picture of the market.

DST interviewed 16 candidates, and selected four top performers to put forward to the Hiring Manager.

From the quick feedback process, they interviewed all four candidates, with two making it through to the final stages.


  • DST placed a successful candidate off the back of these interviews. The candidate not only had the niche skillset, but also had the in-depth industry data science experience the hiring manager was looking for. They were able to apply their academic knowledge to real- world projects seamlessly, making them the perfect fit for the job.
  • Four weeks later, they met with the Hiring Manager as part of their aftercare service, and the feedback was nothing but positive. The candidate had hit the ground running and was already working on a major software implementation project, showcasing their skills and expertise.
  • As the company continues to explore new data science initiatives, the new recruit will play a key role in driving them forward.
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“If we’d have had two jobs, we would have taken both of the final stage candidates!”


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