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Anna Litticks: Automisation Means Change

Mystery Data Scientist, Anna Litticks, gives us some more thoughts on what she wishes she knew before taking on a career in Data Science…

Hi. Anna Litticks here. Welcome to the next story in my series of ‘Things I wish I knew before my career in Data Science.’

Today we’re looking at…

Automisation means change and “change is bad”

Every business owner or C-suite executive really believes they want answers to their problems.

In my experience, they rarely actually do.

You see, change is normally perceived to be negative. It’s scary and means upheaval. Sometimes, asking the C-suite to change is like asking your partner where they fancy dinner tonight.

They respond whimsically with “I actually fancy a bit of a change.”

You think they mean a different restaurant.

They actually mean a divorce; emigrating to a shack in Bali to give boat tours.

You see, upper management typically wants easily-applicable outcomes and catchphrases that fit the narrative they currently have in their minds.

They’ll pick up on terms like Bayesian Modelling or Machine Learning like these are shiny new iPhones they simply must have for business success.

They title emails ‘Big Data’ and attach a WeTransfer link for a 943Mb Excel file.

They’ll talk about AI and BI and “how well do you know Python then?”

Only then comes the look of despair when you present your findings at the end of the first month of your project, and you require at least another three months of analysis before you can even begin to work on a model.

They’ll speak over you in meetings.

They’ll assume that you being slightly introverted is a sign you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Or worse, that the work you’ve done up to now isn’t worth completing because the results haven’t come out as quickly as they need them.

Occasionally, however, you will find people who are receptive to your suggestions. People who are pleased with your analysis.

People who don’t react like you’ve just crashed your car into their dining room during Christmas dinner.

And on these occasions, the whole process is worth it. Real difference, pride and change await you here.

Just good luck finding them.

Until next time, take care out there.

Anna Litticks

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