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Senior Data Scientist – Natural Language Processing

Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany

Want to join a company where you’re not expected to be a magician?

You know the environment. An executive in your company reads a blog post or sees a YouTube video about a cool application of Natural Language Processing. In their excitement, they tell you to create an NLP solution with little-to-no context about what needs to be achieved, and with no interest in hearing whether it’s even possible (or relevant).

You’re then supposed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat.

Not here.

Here, you’ll become the go-to-expert for all things NLP and semantic processing in this global pharma business. As a true NLP expert, it’s a chance to use your skills to sharpen the way data informs marketing and product strategies and ultimately, to help improve the treatments the company offers.

This is a new position in the centralised data science team with near limitless potential working for a notable leader in pharmaceuticals.

What’s the job?

This is an NLP expert role – not managing a team, but being responsible for the delivery of new NLP use cases. You’ll be able to flex your hands-on experience with NLP models, but also train and guide the other Data Scientists on your team.

You’ll become the recognised expert for all-things NLP, reviewing the initial use cases and data sets to assess the feasibility of the project. You’ll then lead the delivery of the use cases through to testing, deployment and scaling.

The meaning you derive from unstructured data could spark innovative solutions and help the business to make better marketing decisions. Ultimately, you’ll gain a lot of job satisfaction knowing that you’re helping to improve outcomes for medical professionals and their patients.

What you need

You probably have a Master’s degree in computer science, data science, mathematics, statistics or related field. You definitely have plenty of relevant data science experience, especially in NLP and semantic modelling, and a proven record when it comes to delivering use cases in this area.

Technically, we’re looking for as many as possible of the following on your CV:

It’s your personal skills that will make all the difference. You’ll need to be open-minded: someone who’s happy taking risks and trying outside-the-box approaches; someone who takes ownership of their decisions.

Beyond that, you’ll call on the versatile communication skills to collaborate effectively with colleagues across a diverse global organisation, sometimes working virtually and sometimes with external vendors. If you can do that in German (as well as English), that’s a plus.

About the business

You’ll be part of a global top-20 pharma business with a refreshingly collaborative culture. Differences are valued; diverse thinking styles are warmly welcomed. The company is family-owned so people are able to focus on long-term goals, not short-term shareholder returns. All in all, it’s a great place to work.

Find out more

To find out more about the business, the difference you can make, and the rewards on offer, talk to Matthew Mercer at matthew.mercer@datasciencetalent.co.uk

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