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Be a Data Science Team Leader In A PhD Paradise

Don’t you hate it when you tell people you’re in Data Science and they look at you blankly.

Like you’ve just made it up?

Like you might as well have said, ‘Oh I transamplitate the gigaframe on the internet’s main servonucleus’.

Don’t you hate it more when those people actually work for your company?

Shouldn’t you be working somewhere where your efforts are recognised, and rewarded?

Where both your team, supporting teams, and people running the company all understand the importance of data science?  So much so that it influences decision making at the highest level.

Where the Directors listen to your advice because, you know what you’re talking about?

There’s a company like that.

And they’re looking for people like you.

The job?

Well, you probably already know what a Data Science Team Leader does.

You do it.

In this job, you’ll be doing it in projects that cross functions, teams and international regions.From finance to marketing, sales, operations, innovation, R & D.  You’ll learn about tonnes of different domains.

And you’ll be doing all of this on high-impact cases within the business. The things that mean

Something.  And by ‘something’, we mean up to a billion Euros for the company over the next 5 years.

And because of the nature of the business, maybe even saving thousands of lives.

You’ll be working with unusual and varied datasets using MapReduce approaches, HDFS, Pig, Spark, R, Python and C++.

On top of that, you’ll be building and leading your own team of Data Scientists.

Ensuring successful projects that deliver real business transformation.  And leading the company towards smart decision making and strategic use of data.

The environment?

It’s agile.

It also has C-Suite approval to be as close to an academic research environment as possible.

That means less businessy, bottom-liney red tape for you.

The Company knows what data science means.

So your contributions will be properly recognised. You won’t hear The C-suite saying, “Data science… That’s something to do with computers, right?”  They know they need you there.

That you are critical to the long term business transformation they are committed to.

It’s always nice to feel wanted.

Your Team?

You’ll be working in a talented team with some seriously smart people.  Mostly PhD’s, like you.

Looking after you will be the Chief Data Scientist.  He’s an inspiring Physics and Statistics PhD, with a passion for using Data Science to deliver measurable business value.  His vision for the future of the team is big and crystal clear.

The fact they have a C-level Data Scientist tells you how seriously they take it.

The Company?

It has 45k employees but is still family owned.  That means it can focus on its people.

Focus on you.

That’s why they offer benefits like:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to work from home 80% of the month or work in the office.
  • Relocation assistance
  • Annual Bonus Scheme and incentives

But not only that, they’re internationally-renowned in the pharma sector.  It’s not often you get that mix of big company/family-run culture.

The best of both.

Minimum Qualification Criteria

To be considered for this job you must have:

  • A PhD in either a Quantitative, Science or engineering related discipline.
  • Minimum 2 years Industry experience.
  • Experience of R, Python, SQL, High-Performance Computing, Machine Learning.
  • A willingness to live and work in UK or Germany.

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