Web Analytics Project Managers & Consultants – Munich

Are You Interested in being the next Adobe Wan Kanobi?

Is your current job giving you the chance to work on Web Analytics projects that span 13 different countries?

Where the impact of your work reverberates across the world as far as Asia and even Australia?

If this level of challenge and complexity excites you then please read on.

In this job you will be project managing a global transformation and implementation of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

You’ll be an essential part of an Internal Consulting team working for one of the world’s largest insurance companies based in Munich.

Here’s 8 reasons why this is a great job and a great place to work:

1 . Global projects with high visibility & international exposure – You’ll be project managing the global roll out of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This will give you the opportunity to travel across Europe, Asia and as far as Australia.

The aim is to lead the company towards smarter decision making through strategic use of web analytics and a higher level of Digital Marketing performance. If it interests you there will also be the opportunity to get involved in projects related to Customer experience and new product design.

These initiatives have the board level commitment you need to make transformation work. This company is taking their Digital Transformation seriously. Really seriously. Your job will be right at the heart of this.

2 . A Genuine Work Life Balance – This job has travel, buts it’s not the normal Consulting Monday – Thursday hotel treadmill for 40-45 weeks of the year. They have projects in Munich, other German cities and internationally. If you spend time travelling for 3-6 mths then you will have the option to be based in Munich for the next 3-6 mths.

If a project has a tight deadline and you have to work late you get your overtime credited via a flexitime system.

You don’t get that at the big external consulting firms.

3 . Fast growing Team – Since Nov 2015 the team have grown from 90 people to 250 people.  Not bad growth inside a couple of years.

A business unit only grows that fast in a large company if it has C-level backing and it’s delivering.

Growing teams = big opportunities for you to get promoted quicker.

4 . An unbelievably high level of Stakeholder Trust – An enviable track record of hundreds of successful Consulting projects has added billions to the company’s bottom line.

This means your clients will respect you more than outside consultants.  You work for the same company as your clients so they know you’ll put their interests first.  No them and us routine here. Here you won’t get that.

Whilst you’re eating your cakes in the canteen expect stakeholders of previous projects to come up to you.  They’ll be thanking you for the successful project you delivered long after you’re gone.

This actually happened when I was there.

5 . Award Winning – Several times in recent years they have been awarded the Best In House Consultancy by the prestigious WirtschaftsWoche’s Best in Consulting awards.  So you know you’ll be working in a high performing team.

6 . Variety of Work –  The company has many subsidiaries delivering 100’s of products and services.  This means every project is different and you’ll constantly be dealing with new challenges.

It’s impossible for you to get bored in this job.    You’ll continually be learning new things at a rapid rate that’s just not possible in most jobs.

7. You’ll be learning from the best – The backbone of the team is people who have come from the world’s leading Consultancy firms so there isn’t much they don’t know about delivering impactful Consulting programs. You couldn’t be in better hands.

8 . You get to see the Long term Impact of your work – In most Consulting jobs you complete the project and then move onto the next job without knowing what happened further down the road.

Shouldn’t you at least find out more about a job this good?

If you meet the minimum requirements below then get in touch now.

Minimum Requirements

  • Fluent German & English language skills.
  • 2 yrs experience in a Web Analytics role (Adobe Marketing Cloud preferred but not essential)
  • University degree or equivalent experience.
  • Operational business and/or consultancy experience for more than 1 year.
  • Experience in Project- and Program Management methods and techniques, process development and continuous improvement.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills, conceptual and implementation experience.
  • Communication, facilitation, sales and conflict management skills.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.