High-Performance Data Science Hiring (Drafted)

Hire High-Performers. Maximise the Impact of Your Data Science Team.

Building a Powerful Data Science team that gets results is possible even if you’re not a Tech Giant like Apple or Google….

….If you have the right recruitment strategy and a compelling message that engages High- Performing Data Scientists.

Recruit better Data Scientists and you’ll have a team that will transform your company.

You’ll hit your business objectives and become the Influential business leader the C-Suite trust.

Partner with The Leader in Data Science Recruiting and you’ll get a Recruiter who:

1. Understands Your requirements

By really listening and asking the Deep questions that other recruiters don’t, we’ll laser in on what you need.

2. Sends you quality people

You’ll get pinpoint CV accuracy and Data Scientists who’ve been properly assessed. You’ll only interview people who are a potential fit.

3. Clarifies Your Job Value Proposition

Clarify your message so it resonates deeply with Data Scientists and builds your brand in the Data Science Community.

These companies trust us to recruit Data Scientists for them:

Why is Data Science Talent Different?

Our 80/20 Hiring System ™ is an Advanced and Powerful Four Step Data Science Recruiting System.

It generates High-Performers so your team succeeds and you reach your career goals.

Our expertly crafted job adverts deliver a magnetic message to attract the top 20% of Data Scientists. These will be a candidate generating asset for your business for years to come.

We are the only recruiters who can build you a Data Science Brand story that will increase the visibility of your team in the Data Science community so you can recruit better people.
Most companies find it difficult to find quality Data Scientists.

We understand from personal experience how frustrating it can be wasting time talking to the wrong people and even worse making bad hires that create problems further down the line.

However the global shortage of Data Scientists means the old standard haphazard hiring methods just won’t work anymore.

Most companies start their recruiting efforts by throwing a few bland job adverts up online that get a poor response.

The vacancy is then sent to 2 or 3 “Pseudo Specialist” recruiters who do a superficial search. They’re “Pseudo Specialists” because the cold hard fact is their websites advertise 16 different types of Non-Data Science jobs. They muddle along with their limited approach as best they can. Contacting Data Scientists with weak messages containing the same old tired phrases that have zero impact.

You end up with poor quality CV’s, or people who are just not what you’re looking for. In the end everyone seems to go round in circles whilst your competitors are hiring the best Data Scientists.

We call this The Headless Chicken Hiring Routine.

If you want to hire the best you need to have a strategy and a system that attracts and assesses High-Performing Data Scientists.

After many years struggling to recruit effectively for his owns teams, our CEO Damien Deighan got tired of the headless chicken hiring routine. So he developed the 80/20 Hiring System ™.

He spent countless hours in his Recruitment Nerd Cave researching the best strategies from the world’s leading hiring experts and applied the 80/20 rule to all of these methods. This process revealed the truly impactful hiring principles, strategies and tactics that just work to generate recruitment success. He has distilled these principles down to a wickedly effective formula and cracked the code for Data Science recruting.

Damien has been working in recruitment since 1999 and has solved hiring headaches for dozens of billion-dollar brands and many small to medium companies. His clients have consistently improved their recruiting process and increased the quality of people they hire.

The 80/20 Hiring System™

How High-Performance Data Science Hiring Works

1. Clarify The Strategy

Create Hiring Strategy Blueprint and Identify your Job Value Proposition.

You’ll be clear about your job’s most appealing characteristics and how to attract the best Data Scientists.

2. Sophisticated Search

Map out the entire Talent pool in your region or sector.

You’ll Know you’re getting the best people, instead of wondering if these are just the first people the recruiter has stumbled upon.

3. Attract & Engage

Power Positioning of your job to attract people you’d otherwise miss out on.

Advanced Recruitment marketing strategies and Digital campaigns that engage high-performers.

4. 80:20 Assessment

Delivers only High-Performing Data Scientists for you to interview.

You’ll hire the caliber of person you had in mind all along.

We Believe Steve Jobs Was Right

Steve Jobs once said: “Hiring The Best is Your Most Important Task".

We believe Steve was right.

But, we also believe that hiring the best Data Scientists shouldn’t just be possible for the Big Tech giants.

The 80/20 Hiring System™ helps Data Science leaders like you recruit High-Performing Data Scientists even if you’re not Apple or Google.

Our Service Offerings & Fees Explained

Recruitment Fee Structures:

  • Exclusive Permanent Hire Recruitment
  • Finders Fee paid when position filled or when candidate has started.
  • Hiring strategy blueprint designed
  • Complete market search
  • Compelling advert crafted
  • Retained Permanent Hire Recruitment
  • £5k up front and the remainder of finders fee paid when candidate starts.
  • Hiring Strategy Blueprint Designed
  • Complete market search
  • Compelling Advert Crafted
  • Your job gets Priority status
  • Our best candidates will be sent to you first
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Contractor/Freelancer Recruitment
  • Rates range from £500-£1,000 per Day depending on experience level and seniority.
  • Complete Market Search
  • Compelling advert Crafted
  • Fast Delivery


If you recruit a Data Scientist (Permanent Hire) from us who is unsuitable or leaves within 6 mths we will replace them for free. If we can’t find you a suitable replacement we will refund your money. If we have conducted an onsite Data Science branding workshop then we will refund 85% of your fee should we not find a replacement.

If they leave between month 6 and month 12 we will source a replacement for half price or refund 50% of the fee.

Get Started Now

Partner with us so you can Hire High-Performing Data Scientists now.

1. Book a 15 minute Discovery Call

A short call so we can both get a feel for whether or not we are a potential fit. We promise not to sell to you.

2. Hiring Strategy Session

We meet for one hour by web conference or in person to develop a Hiring Strategy Blueprint and start creating a compelling message.

3. Execute the Strategy

We partner and we find you High-Performing Data Scientists.

How much is your current hiring process costing you?

How much is your current hiring process costing you? How many High-Performing Data Scientists are you failing to attract because your message is not clear and compelling?

Stop wasting time and energy with the “Pseudo Specialists” that deliver mediocre results. Start dealing with the Leading Data Science Recruiting company. The genuine specialists.

To jumpstart your Data Science hiring campaign and attract the Data Scientists you need to hit your business objectives click here.

Not Ready to get started yet?

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