We Believe

Our Most Important Beliefs

We Believe in Doing Data Science Hiring the right way.

We believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

We believe in taking the long view.

Hiring & Recruiting

We believe in submitting a small number of well vetted high performers to jobs.

We believe in only matching people with organisations when there is genuinely a good fit.

We believe in constantly communicating with people whilst they are in a recruitment process with us.

We believe long-term partnerships are the best way to deliver a good talent fit.

Data Science

We believe the world’s best Data Science Talent should be working on our largest problems.

We believe Data Science is the key to an unlocking hidden potential of most organisations.

We believe Data Scientists hold the key to creating better solutions to intractable problems.


We believe in partnering with great companies.

We believe your time and ours is valuable.

We believe in refunding your money when something is not right and we can’t fix it.

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