The Team

Damien Deighan | CEO

Damien has been in recruitment since 1999.  Still loves doing the hands on work of day to day recruitment which is the reason his ginger beard is now increasingly becoming more grey.  

He has worked in several different industry sectors including IT & Technology, Energy and Healthcare. He has served the worlds largest blue chip organisations and provided staff in over 20 different countries.

Damien likes drinking Yorkshire Gold Tea, which he believes is the finest tea on the planet.  

Varun Thakkar | Senior Recruiter & Team Leader

Varun has been working with Damien since 2013 and is a true sourcing Jedi.

He is a very experienced digital recruiter and knows practically every trick in the book to unearth hard to find candidates.

Varun can even conduct LinkedIn searches whilst doing one armed push ups at the same time.

Shilpa Choudhery | Recruiter

Shilpa has 3 years recruitment experience.  She joined Data Science Talent in November 2016 and has quickly become an indispensable member of the team.

She is known to memorise boolean search strings before going to bed so she can get a fast start the next day.

Sonal Patel | Business Operations Manager

Sonal has 3 years of experience in Business Operations. She joined Data Science Talent in May 2018 and is playing an incredibly influential and invaluable role in strategic business planning and helping shape the future of Data Science Talent.

She has a Perfectionism in her blood – and a secret love for systems and processes!

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