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Data Science Consulting Without The Weekly Travel Treadmill



You’re an Analytics person, right?

So the expectation is, you’re pretty logical.



Well, here’s a job that you should at least check out and take a real hard look at.

Because, its very likely it will improve your skills and advance your career.

And I’m going to explain why, with extra logic.

How can you argue with that?

Here’s the challenge: Get to the end of this page before you make your conclusion.


Logic I – Enormous Variety of Projects & Very Little Grunt Work

The job.

It’s Data Science Consulting in the energy and natural resources sector.  This means:

  • High impact, high value projects in the Utilities, Chemicals and Oil & Gas industries.
  • A new project with a new client every few mths guarantees a wide variety of work and a range of interesting problems to work on.
  • You’ll learn a lot quickly and get a richness of experience it takes years to gain in most other jobs.

These aren’t Business Intelligence or IT Strategy projects in disguise.  They’re real Advanced Analytics projects where you’ll be honing your machine learning and predictive modelling skills.

You’ll spend very little time on grunt work like Data Cleansing and making sure the final product is perfectly coded. Instead, your job will be to:

  • Help frame client problems and develop the vision for what the project can achieve.
  • Build models, develop proof of concepts, and deliver high level solution design.
  • Manage the client relationship throughout challenging projects.  

What this means to you, ultimately, is that your long term financial rewards and career progression will be significantly better than most other industry sectors.

Worried your current job has become a bit boring or your learning curve has slowed?

You won’t get that here.


Logic II – As Much Training & Development As You Want

This company are virtually the only large Consulting company that are genuinely Technology Agnostic. This means they provide solutions using every major Big Data technology in existence. To do that they have to help people like you to become experts in many different technologies.

Every single month they deliver training programs on countless Data Science technologies and tools. You’ll get the opportunity to be trained on every technology you ever wanted to learn.

Skills Advancement you won’t get anywhere else.

So if you’ve hit a ceiling in your current job, or feel like you’re not learning, guess what?

This job will fix that.


Logic III – Data Science DNA


The Company.  

This isn’t a consulting company whose main business is audit, tax and accounting.  

In other words, this isn’t bean counters trying to sell Data Science to their existing clientele because they know it’s hot and they can make loads of money.

They understand Data Science. It’s core to their offering and they’re heavily invested in it.  

They’re doing genuine innovation in this space.  You will be joining a european centre of excellence they’ve set up in London for energy and natural resources.

And as for the environment, the culture?  Their people love it.

They love it because they get looked after.  And they get real support to develop their careers.  

The best part – they recognise that the weekly travel treadmill is not sustainable.  So in this job you will be travelling one week per month on average.

It’s always nice to feel wanted.  (Okay fine, that was emotional. You can have that one).


This job is worth you at least having a conversation about.

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t still be reading.

But you like to analyse the data.

No doubt you want to know more.

I can help you there.

We just need to set up a time to speak.  

Get in touch now.

I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

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