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Leicestershire based (work from home 70-80%) – £30-40K base plus commission

Considering the almost limitless variables in recruitment, it’s surprising how many
agencies all operate in the same way.

The 360° model. Contingency. Order taking. Cranking the CV hose at clients like
they’re a burning building. Getting disrespected by clients and candidates, filling less
than a quarter of all the roles you work on.

It’s not good. It’s all very… circular.

So why not try something different? Change your company maybe?

Or even better, change your role.

DST only work exclusive/retained. That means better client relationships, which
means better job briefs, which means better quality engagement with their target
candidate audiences.

It also means you’ll be filling about 90% of your roles. That means far less work is
wasted and commission that is far more predictable.

The sector you’ll become a specialist in is Data Science and it’s one that’ll be
buoyant for at least 20 years. It’s a sector where a client rarely ask for a Data
Scientist. They often ask for five.

What this means for you is that you’ll only be working with clients that give you the
time of day and give you everything you need to fill every job of theirs that you work.

Your job will be to qualify and assess candidates. Sell them your client’s jobs and
keep them happy throughout the process. The kind of stuff you’re comfortable with.

You’ll also have your own Researcher who will find and organise all of your
candidates for you. This will save you a lot of admin, hassle and headaches and
mean you’ll be able to focus on delivering the right candidates and ensuring the
candidate experience is pleasant and professional.

In some ways, it’s like an Internal Recruiter. No 360°. No BD. No being a jack of all
trades and master of one.

But beyond the job itself, you’ll be looked after.

You can work from home most of the time if you want to.

No KPIs for KPI’s sake. No “calls made” or “call duration” or any other slaver’s

And you’ll get an annual training budget of £3,000 so you can be a better recruiter.

If you’re in technology or digital recruitment and are tired of competition climbing all
over you, get in touch.

For an informal and confidential chat, contact Mitch Sullivan on 07725 185395 or click the apply button.

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